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The Million Dollar Habit

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The Million Dollar Habit

Are you throwing away your chance to be a millionaire? Discover the every day habits that can cost you your million dollars and leave you on the wrong side of the money machine.

A million dollars is a huge amount of money to throw away, yet every day many people do just that, throwing away the opportunity to be a millionaire in the daily financial decisions we all have to make. Without realizing it, they have a million dollar habit.

"Hang on" I hear you say, "I never had a million dollars to lose - nor have any of my friends". That is probably true, but every day many people spend money on things they do not really need or want. Often such spending is simply habitual, the speciality coffee, sodas, candy or the regular meals out. Other times it is a more compulsive habit such as smoking, drinking or even excessive shopping.

One dollar, given enough time and the magic of compound interest will grow into a million dollars. By simply modifying a few behaviours or habits, virtually anyone who can save a few dollars can be a millionaire in their lifetime. Naturally, the more you are able to save the quicker the process works. You can use the "Million Dollar Habit Calculator" to work out if you have a "million dollar habit". See how quickly you can grow a million dollars for yourself.

This process is NOT about scrimping and saving, forgoing life's pleasures simply to achieve a million dollars sometime in the future. Life is for living now. The point is that when you spend money on things that advance you in life or lift you spiritually the money is doing its job, but if you spend on things you don't really want or need, it diminishes you financially. Money saved by breaking such spending habits can be set to work, earning money for you.

By consistently saving the money that would otherwise have been spent on such habits, it is often enough to make a millionaire! The great thing is, nothing has really changed. You still earn the same, you still buy the things you need and want - you have simply eliminated the habits that caused you to throw your money away on things you never really wanted anyway.

The real power of this is not just the money, it is the financial freedom it buys you. A person with savings has choices. You may choose to wait for the million dollars to accumulate in your bank account or you may choose after a few years to spend $250,000.00 to follow a dream. The value of that choice - priceless.

Author: G Symond
Published: 4th June 2007