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Reducing Your Recreation & Entertainment Costs

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Gambling & Lottery Tickets

I have grouped these two items together because they are really the same thing. Every year thousands of Americans drive themselves into complete poverty through gambling. Either being addicted to the lotto, the casino or the online poker games. Such people dream of wealth & riches but want it the quick way, without working for it or earning it. They DISRESPECT MONEY and according to the universal Laws of Attraction, such disrespect REPELS money.

No one becomes rich by gambling, those few who do are often professional gamblers who WORK HARD and use a high level of SKILL to beat the system. Most casinos throw them out when they appear - they only want suckers.

Don't think that a lotto win is different, it isn't. Most Lotto winners end up losing it all within just a few years. They simpy don't get it, if your respect money, you would see that gambling is a crock and not do it, if you disrespect it, you can't keep it. If you have a gambling habit, please seek help NOW. Without support and help no matter what budgeting you apply you will end up gambling away any gains and leave yourself in an even more dire position.

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