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Credit Card Debt Repayment Calculator

Here is quick and easy way to calculate how long it will take to pay off your bredit card and how much it will cost you in interest. Its worth playing about with the figures to get a good idea of how adjusting some of the key variables can have a dramatic effect on the calculation

Enter the Current Credit Card Balance and the calculator automtically calculates the minimum payment, which you can adjust if you want to. Checking the "Apply Minimum Payment Only" means the calculator will ignore the monthly repayment figure and calculate on the basis of always paying the minimum. Minimun Repayment Rate is the percentage used calculate the minimum repayment figure.

Current Balance:: 
Annual Interest Rate (%):%
Apply Minimum Payment Only:: 
Monthly Repayment Amount:: 
Minimum Repayment Rate::%


Number of Repayments:0 
Repayment Period:0Months
Total Interest Charges:0 
Total Payable:0 


Repayment Months gives the total number of months it will take to repay the credit card debt.

Interest Charges represents the total amount of interest that will be repaid.

Total payable is the total amount that will be repaid

Because the way terms of different Credit Cards vary, this calculator can only provide an estimate based on the most common method of charging interest. There may also be other fees and penalties to pay which are not taken into account.