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Income & Expenditure Calculator

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Income & Expenditure Calculator

Welcome to our Income and Expenditure Calculator. This calculator is a Free and powerful resouce to help you start to get your financial affairs properly organized. It is also completely secure, your data is held on your own computer in a cookie, so no one but you gets to see it.

Simply fill in each box with your monthly figures and leave all the maths to us.

 Monthly Income 
 Employment 1   Employment 2   Employment 3  
 Social Security   Alimonry   Govt. Support  
 Investments   Savings   Other Income  
  (Total Taxes)  
  Total Net Income  
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 Monthly Housing Expenses 
 Mortgage   Rent   Taxes 
 Fees   Hm Insurance   Hm Improve  
 Hm Maintain   Electricity   Gas/Propane  
 Heating Oil   Telephone   Water/Sewage  
 Trash   Other   Other  
  Total Housing Expenses  
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 Monthly Transportation Expenses 
 Auto Loans    Fuel, Oil    Maintenance  
 Insurance    Cleaning    Licensing  
 Taxes    Tolls    Parking  
 Public Trans    Other    Other  
  Total Transportation Expenses  
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 Debt Obligations - Excluding Mortgage & Auto Loans 
 Credit Cards    Repayment    Home Equity  
 Other Loans          
  Debt Obligations  
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 Other Obligations 
 Child Support    Alimony    Charity  
 Liens    Judgements    Other  
  Other Obligations   
 Health & Family Care 
 Health Ins    Life Ins    Disability Ins 
 Optician    Doctor    Dental  
 OTC Meds    Prescriptions    Child Care  
 Elder Care    Other    Other 
  Total Health & Family Care  
view tips: Ideas on lowering Health & Family Care 
 Living Expenses 
 Groceries    Education    Child Clothes 
 Child Clubs    Toys    Pet Costs  
 Computer    Cleaning Servs    Garden Servs  
 Living Sups    Other Servs    Other 
  Total Living Expenses  
view tips: Ideas on lowering Living Expenses 
 Personal Expenses 
 Adult Clothes    Cosmetics    Accessories 
 Books/Mags    Club Dues    Beauty  
 Hairdresser    Beverages    Smoking  
 Candy    Snacks/Meals    Travel  
 Gadgets    Other    Other  
  Total Personal Expenses  
view tips: Ideas on lowering Personal Expenses 
 Entertainment / Recreation Costs 
 Sat/Cable TV    Internet    Movies Rent 
 Eating Out    Cinema/Thtr    Hobbies  
 Short Trips    Vacations    Gambling  
 Lottery    Other    Other  
  Total Entertainment / Recreation  
view tips: Ideas on lowering Recreation & Entertainment Costs 
 Income & Expenditure Summary 
  Income  Expenditure
 Total Monthly Income  0  
 Debt Obligations    0
 Other Obligations    0
 Housing & Utility Expenses    0
 Transportation Expenses    0
 Health & Family Care    0
 Living Expenses    0
 Personal Expenses    0
 Entertainment / Recreation    0
 Monthly Balance