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Maximum Mortgage Principle Calculator

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How Big A Mortgage Can I Qualify For?

Here is quick and approximate way to calculate how big a mortgage you are likely to qualify for. Simply enter your Gross Income, Monthly debt Liabilities and Interest Rate and let the Mortgage Principle Calculator do it's thing! button.

Gross Income:: 
Monthly Debt Payments: 
Annual Interest Rate (APR):%
Period (Years):Years
Down Payment: 


Maximum Monthly Mortgage Payment:0Monthly
Maximum Mortgage Principle:0 


Maximum Monthly Mortgage Payment - Is the amount based on gross income and monthly debt commitments that can be afforded each month using industry standard ratios.

Maximum Mortgage Principle - Given the calculated maximum monthly payment, APR and Down Payment the maximum mortgage principle that the payment will cover.

These figures are only approximate. We recommend that you obtain exact figures from a specific lender before committing to any mortgage.