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Credit Cards

Credit And Shop Cards Credit Cards and Shop Cards

Credit Cards and Store Cards are perhaps one of the most expensive forms of credit out there. Yet over 75% of Americans hold at least one Credit Card and on average carry about $2000 debt (based on median value). Only 6% of Americans carry credit card debt of $8000 dollars or more but that is still over 18 million people!

Credit cards are undoubtedly very convenient and are virtually essential for some financial transactions. However the convenience of easy credit can easily lead people into spending money they don't have on things they don't need. In the wrong hands a credit card is a financial disaster waiting to happen.

Add to this the fact that credit cards are often complex and the cost of mistakes very high it is important to ensure that you get the right card from a reputable provider. By educating yourself about the various credit card traps, it is easier to avoid them.

One good card should be enough. If you own more than one credit card you should examine the rational behind it, more cards mean more work and more financial management to the point where their convenience is severly curtailed. It can however, be very hard to resist the marketing onslaught. Over 6 billion credit card offers were mailed last year. These offers often come accompanied with enticements and short-term rates that make them look attractive.

Credit Card Problems  

Pros & Cons of Credit Cards

Whether you are for or against the use of credit cards,take a look at the pros & cons of using a credit card and get all the facts down in one place - then you can judge for yourself.
 Credit Card Benefits & Problems Credit Cards - Pros & Cons
Living Free of Credit Card Debt  

Living Free of Credit Card Debt

Credit Cards always seem like such an easy and quick solution. It is only when you are firmly in the grasp of credit card debt that people begin to realize that they have fallen into a financial trap. Just say NO! Let go of the worry. Explore ways of getting out of credit card debt here and never receive another credit card bill again, ever!
 credit card debt Eliminate Credit Card Debt - Now!
Credit Card Debt Calculator  

Credit Card Debt Calculator

Use the Credit Card debt calculator to work out what your credit card is really costing you and how long it will take to pay it off. Play around with different scenarios - see the difference just paying a little more each month makes to your total credit card interest costs.
 credit card debt calculator Go to the Credit Card Debt Calculator
Choose Best Credit Card  

How to Choose the Best Credit Card

Credit Cards are often complex, with a number of key features that must be matched to how you intend to use the card. Have a look at the key features that should be at the top of your shopping list!
 Choose best credit card Choosing the Best Credit Card
Credit Card Maony Saving Tips  

Credit Card Money Saving Tips

Which credit card you choose and how you use it can make a big difference to how much it is going to cost you. \here are some top money saving tips for your credit cards.
 credit card money saving tips Credit Card Money Saving Tips
Mortgage Traps & Tricks of the Trade  

15 Credit Card Traps to Avoid

You MUST READ this if you read nothing else about credit cards. Over the years the credit card companies have developed several new and sneaky techniques for forcing their credit card customers into parting with their cash. These techniques rarely serve the customer - quite the opposite. They can often end up costing a lot of money. Here are 15 of these credit card traps to watch out for.
 Credit Card Tricks & Traps Credit Card Dirty Tricks & Traps to Avoid

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