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Dealing With Debt

These days we all have periods when we have had to manage some debt. Unless you are running a business or using a mortgage to purchase your house, debt is in general a bad thing. And whilst there are some specialized situations where debt can be used to "gear" the effectiveness of your capital, such techniques have a high risk and should be considered only by those who have a high level of financial awareness.

Good & Bad Debt  

Good Debt, Bad Debt - A Life Choice

There is a 'golden rule' for wealth creation - "Only borrow to invest". We examine which debt can be considered 'good' and which debts go into the 'bad' category. We also look at the lifestyle choices that determine how much bad debt we accumulate.
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Living Free of Credit Card Debt  

Escape the Fear & Worry of Debt - Start Now!

Eliminate Your Debt Now! Debt is a frightening and stressful experience. It destroys families, relationships and people everyday. The sad thing is, it is all unnecessary. Break out of debt now and stay out forever with our debt busting program. All you need is the DESIRE to be out of debt, some basic money skills and the will to make some big changes in your attitude to money.
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Credit Card Debt Calculator  

Breaking the Debt Habit

In our modern consumer society, debt has turned into an epidemic. The "have now, pay later" mentality has taken a grip on society. Many people do not realize the true cost of this. It is not just the fact that it diminishes people's financial possibilities but the more insidious fact that it ENSLAVES them. Escape and Break the Debt Habit while you still can.
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Choose Best Credit Card  

Stop Spending Your Life Away

It's time to take a close look at your spending. Is it REALLY serving you? Is it helping you advance towards your life's goals and dreams. Every time you make the choice to spend money frivolously instead of directing it toward the advancement of your dreams - you push those dreams further away. Time to stop shopping and start living.
 Mortgage Mistakes Stop Spending Your Life Away
Mortgage Traps & Tricks of the Trade  

Budgeting For Financial Freedom

Discover how to make budgeting painless and effective. You do not have to scrimp to save big-time. Discover massive savings and benefit from an IMPROVED LIFESTYLE. We offer straightforward budgeting advice and techniques as well as our online budgeting calculator.
 Budgeting Budgeting for Financial Freedom
Money Saving Tips and Techniques  

Money Saving Tips

We have produced an extensive list of money saving tips from all areas of expenditure. See if one of our tips can save you some money and help rein in your spending.
 money saving tips Money Saving Tips

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