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Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich Think and Grow Rich is a classic inspirational and motivational book originally published in 1937. The author Napoleon Hill was inspired and sponsored by Andrew Carnagie.

The book is based on Hills earlier work "The Law of Success" which was based on over 20 years of research where he studied closely the characteristics and behaviors of many of the most successful men who had achieved great wealth in their lifetimes. Hill had a close association with many of these men and his work is a great insight to the principles that drove their success.

Think and Grow Rich outlines thirteen principles of success and though never directly stated Hill describes "the secret" indirectly in every chapter of the book and leaves it to the reader to work it out for themselves. The use of the secret is generally only available to those who possess a "readiness" for it.

Think and Grow Rich is a must read for anyone who is looking for inspiration and developing a key understanding of the principles of success and particularly if you are seeking great wealth. Whilst Think and Grow Rich is now quite dated, it is a very well written and compelling book that still resonates with truth and the fundamental principles of success and spiritual growth. The principles still hold true today.

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