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Money Saving Tips - Adult Clothing

Clothing can be a very substantial drain on disposable income. Hom much do you Spend? 100, 200, even 300 dollars a month. If you spend that kind of money - YOU HAVE A MILLION DOLLAR HABIT - Personally I'd rather be living the life of luxury, with my money working FOR ME rather than sport that latest piece of designer clothing , knowing that I will have to work FOR THE MONEY to pay for it.

A large amount of this spending is usually NOT necessary. Normally a simple adjustments to your spending habits and learning to Shop Smart can save hundred, even thousands a year

  • The number one money saver is to ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED, when you spend more than you need, you diminish yourself financially.
  • Avoid the Mall - clothes there are very expensive
  • Don't be a fashion VICTIM
  • Update your wardrobe with a few well chosen accessories
  • Choose Natural fibres, they last longer are more comfortable aand stay in style longer
  • Check washing labels - Avoid Dry cleaning only
  • Purchase carefully, check the cut. Classic styles never go out of fashion and well cut clothes look more expensive naturally.
  • Organize your clothes, take the time for a quick inventory so that you know what you have and what you need
  • Don't buy clothes you are only going to wear once, this is a total waste of money. Remember "The Clothes DO NOT maketh the Man (or women)"
  • Maintain a basic wardrobe with warm,durable,simple and neutral in colur clothing.
  • Buy durable clothing, these may be slightly more expensive but will last longer.
  • If you buy from retail outlets, buy in a sale - End of season, out-of fashion and post holiday sales.
  • Remember, if you manage to grab that half price bargain - it does'nt mean you can buy twice as much!
  • Shop in consignment shops and factory outlet stores for branded-clothing
  • Thrift Shops, Yard Sales and Flea Markets all often provide very high quality, hardly used clothing
  • Check out the Internet. You can find bargains on auction sites like eBay (check it out here) or many other online-stores that offer special discounts, coupons or have close-out stock. The great thing is, they deliver to you!
  • Look at online auction sites to buy quality clothing at discounted prices.
  • Purchase clothing that coordinates well so mix and matching is easy. This will enable you to and have more outfits to wear with less clothing.
  • Select clothing in basic styles, colors and fabrics you like. These are much less likely to go out of style and can be worn for years.
  • When you find a bargain on basics such as sleep wear, underwear and socks, stock up on them.