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Beauty Products & Treatments- Money Saving Tips

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Money Saving Tips - Beauty Products & Treatments

A massive industry and advertising segment has grown up around beauty products and treatment. Sadly many of these products are very expensive and simply don't work. Often you pay not for the product, but for the advertising that delivered you into their grasp in the first place.

Is your beauty habit a MILLION DOLLAR HABIT? Brand name beauty products are always very expensive so it is easy to spend big time - are you letting your MILLION DOLLARS slip away? Check here. It is worth reviewing your expenditure in this area. Consider which products your genuinely need and make careful selections of the best value products.

Cosmetics, Skin care products,hair care products,bath & body products,perfumes,body oils and treatments, sun-scrren and tanning products, anti aging products and anti wrinkle products are all products commonly used by both men and women.

Beauty Products

  • Buy at discount stores, on the internet or on eBay
  • Look for ways you can get your beauty Products to do double-duty
  • Make Your Own - many beauty products are relatively simple to make at home from basic ingredients. They have the great benefit of not having many of the chemicals and resulting side-effects found in some commercial products
  • It is often true that price does NOT reflect a products efficacy or quality
  • Shop around, get free samples, only buy reasonably priced products that you know work - do not get suckered in by the big glamerous advertising and promotions
  • Keep it simple - The truth is, we are all beautiful. Who we are and how we live is the most important truth to live by

Beauty Treatments

Every now and again, it really is nice to spoil yourself with a treat, a sauna, a massage, getting your hair done for a special ocassion. However the law of diminishing returns applies here. The more frequently you 'treat' yourself like this, the less enjoyment and value you attach to it - It's just human nature. In fact the persuit of beauty can turn into a daily grind that diminishes you financially and steals away time that could be spent - well, living!

  • Give up beauty treatments altogether or reduce to an ocasional treat
  • Do your own beauty treatments at home
  • The best beauty treatment of all is to look after yourself well:
    • Maintain a good balanced diet - including fruit and vegetables, to maintain optimum health and keep your hair skin and nails in good condition
    • Drink plenty of water - at least 2 litres a day to help keep the skin hydrated and to cleanse the body of toxins
    • Maintain regular exercise to help keep you young and active
    • Maintain rigerous hygene
    • Use sun screen
    • Do the things you love with the people you love and be happy!