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Money Saving Tips - Books & Magazines


To the benefit of readers everywhere, the book market has become very competitive and the cost has come down substantially. More important from the perspective of those who want to make serious inroads into their book spending, it has become much easier to buy and sell books second-hand over the internet. is perhaps one of the best known online book markets, you can buy a book second-hand, read it and sell it again and it may only cost a few cents!

  • Buy books second-hand from sites like

  • If you want to buy new, buy discounted from Amazon or eBay.

  • Use the local library

  • Borrow or exchange with friend

  • Buy in yard sales, thrift and goodwill stores

Don't forget to sell your old books! Clear the clutter and bring in some cash!

Magazines & Newspapers

The cost of a few magazine or newspaper subscriptions can quickly add up to substantial monthly bill. If you are buying so many magazines that you can't read them all then you are effectively throwing your money away.

  • Go through your subscriptions and stop any you don't REALLY need.

  • Arrange to swap and exchange magazines or papers with friends and colleagues

  • Check out your local library, you may be able to read it there

  • Get discounted subscriptions over the internet

  • Don't sign up for trial magazine subscriptions and other trial offers that you need to cancel. They are relying on you forgeting to cancel!

  • Sign up for free magazine subscriptions - check them out here.