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Money Saving Tips - TV, Satelite, Cable

The Cable TV (Satelite TV) market is getting increasingly competitive and with the rapid development of other competing ways of delivering digital content including directly over the internet, the battle is likely to heat up considerably and bring prices down.

Satelite & Cable

Satelite & Cable companies are very like Credit Card compannies in that you have to keep a very close eye on what you are being charged and what the competition is offerring. They are quite happy to leave you on a high rate! So be prepared to be proactive!

  • Give up TV forever - OK that is a big one - but the savings and change in life-style might be something you are prepared to consider.

  • Reduce the number of paid channels to only those you really need, consider just a basic service

  • Give up Cable TV (satelite TV) altogether and just use the TV for watching DVD's, playstation games and videos

  • Check for competing offers - If you find one lower, call your cable TV(satelite TV) provider and ask them to match it. Be prepared to switch

  • Always read the fine print on Cable TV (Satelite TV) deals