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Money Saving Tips - Clubs

We all have activities we enjoy and often these are associated with clubs. These could be anything from the local gym to the local golf club. A book club to your local drama club. If you use your clubs often and are an essential part of your life-style then any fees probably represent good value.

Howeveer it really is worth examining ALL your club memberships and reviewing if this is REALLY the best use of your money. The truth is that if you are a member of several clubs, the fees can really start to add up.

  • Review all club memberships and cancel those you don't enjoy anymore or simply don't use sufficiently to warrant the price.

  • If you only use lightly, see if there is a lower cost membership that would better suit your needs

  • Shop around - See if there are other clubs around with lower membership fees or that represent better value

  • If you are a member of a Gym, consider giving up your membership and finding other opportunities for exercise - Gym fees are often high, so it is worth considering all alternatives

  • Destination Clubs - A form of time-share for vacations. Avoid them - By the time annual dues are added to the opportunity costs of the amount invested and the ineligability to benefit from property deductions, this is a very expensive and limiting way to go on vacation. Yes, the destinations are beautiful and you have been told that it is an 'investment'... But it is not, it really is just a very expensive membership...

  • Keep Your eye open for membership discounts and offers and fully utilize them when they come along