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Money Saving Tips - Computers

Computer technology has been moving fast and the costs have been falling substantially. A good basic computer and a broadband connection provides not only the usual computer benefits of games, email, internet surfing etc. it can be a great source of savings in virtually all aspects of living. Access to the internet means that it has never been easier to smoke out a bargain, but it can also be used to download music, movies, eBooks, make free "voice over IP" calls to anywhere in the world!

But it does not stop there, your computer can also be a source of income, selling goods on eBay or running a home based business, the opportunities are countless! Nether the less, it is important not to let your computer costs run away and it is easy to do with so much supposedly "essential" stuff that you must have. Only buy what you really need, cut the rest.

Computer Costs

  • Avoid buying computer gear on the bleeding edge, it will cost you a fortune, be obsolete in a couple of years and half the price in a few months!

  • eBay your old gear ASAP before it becomes even more worthless!

  • If you have cable internet - stop renting the modem, they are cheap to buy!

  • Don't bother with Extended Warranties

  • Make sure any computer you buy uses "Standard Components" otherwise you may be locked into that manufactures extortionate prices.

Computer Software and services Costs

  • Review any online subscriptions you may have and cancel the ones you don't use

  • Go for annual subscriptions ons ervices you know you use heavily, providing a heafty cost break

  • Don't sign up for trials where you have to cancel - you will forget and end up paying, they rely on it!

  • Don't purchase commercial software if there is an open-source equivalent. Open source software is usually of the very highest standard as well as often having extensive community support and the best thing of all, it's free!

Computer Security

What? I hear you say; is a section on "computer security" doing on a page about computer money saving tips? It's easy, if your computer catches a cold or some other very nasty computer virus, it will likely cost you a great deal of money and time. The experience for most ordinary people who have little experience of computers is frightening and alarming. In this case PREVENTION saves money.

Here are the key security tips that can help ensure it does not happen to you.

  • Switch your computer off at night - less opportunity for internet hackers to attack your machine

  • Use a router that has a built in firewall and Network Address Translation - This is very effective at blocking attacks. Take the time to learn how it works to really tighten up your defenses

  • Never open email attachments - ever, unless you are certain you know who it is from and you are expecting it

  • Never use a link in an email to access your secure online accounts - Spoof eMails designed to trick you into revealing your access information can look vary authentic.

  • Never download executables from any site that you do not 100% trust and who have a reputation to protect themselves

  • Create long unique passwords for every online account you have, include lower AND upper case letters and numbers and use between 12-20 characters, do not use words, keep it random. Such passwords are as secure as you can be, unfortunately they are also impossible to remember. Keep a small notebook and write all your user names and passwords into it and keep it in a secure place.

  • Do not access financial sites or any site that requires financial information from public computers or the office,keep your home computer secure.

  • Always log off your computer if you are not using it, memorize the password

  • Educate all users of the computer, including the kids on computer security

  • Most new computers now come with effective anit-virus software