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Doctor & Medicine Costs - Money Saving Tips

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Money Saving Tips - Doctor, Hospital & Medicine Costs

Health Care and medicines are expensive, nowhere more so than in the United States. Health costs are an ongoing worry for most Americans, especialy those with children. Health Insurance is virtually a must have and I cover saving money on Health Insurance here : "Money Saving Tips For Health insurance".

Even with health insurance in place, there are still some Doctors Fees and the high cost of medicines to be met. There are also many who are unable to afford proper health insurance and must therefore meet these costs out of disposable income. The following Money Saving tips may help.


Even if you have health insurance you will often have to pay at least 20% of the fees. If you have no insurance, try to get some but in any case, it is worth trying to negotiate a discounted fee.

  • Check what your doctor intends to charge, your health insurance will normally cover 80% of the costs if the fee is within the Insurance companies "fair Rate". You will pay the balance if it is not.

  • If you change doctor or dentist don't repeat medical tests needlessly, get copies of your records from your previous doctor.


No one wants to be in hospital but it often the case that at some point in our lives we have to go in to have some procedure or other done. There can be many costs associated with a hospital stay, make sure you know what the charges are going to be upfront! Here are some money saving tips for your hospital stay.

  • If you need surgery, check with your doctor if it can be performed on an outpatient basis or on the day of admission.

  • Ask to have surgery scheduled early in the week if this will avoid a weekend stay

  • Have all necessary pre-op tests done before being admitted. This will save a day or two of hospital stay.

  • Maintain a log of all the services,medications and other supplies you receive.

  • When you get the bill, check it carefully. If it is just a summary, ask for the bill to be broken down.


Prescription drugs are extortionatly expensive in the US. So much so that many Americans are getting their Meds from accross the border in Canada. Prescription medicines can cripple a family financially - Some of these Money Saving Tips may help you save on your prescription medicines.

  • Ask your pharacist for generic alternatives if they exist, these ar often much cheaper than branded medicines and just as effective.

  • Shop around for deals, Consider buying over the internet where substantial savings can be made.

  • Buy in bulk, you can make considerable savings. you will have to talk to your doctor.

  • Buy from Canada- 50% savings can be achieved.

Over the Counter Medications

Many medicines can be purchased without the need for a prescription at the same locations as the prescription drugs. Also shop in discount stores and go for generics.