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Money Saving Tips - Groceries

A typical family spends over 15% of their disposable income on food. This is one area where substantial savings can be made with no nutritional loss and just a little bit of planning. A 50% reduction would not be unreasonable.

  • Select the right store - find a good value store that offers the best deals

  • Shop alone - If you bring members of the family you can be certain that the bill will be higher.

  • Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry - Stores know all the tricks in the book when it comes to tempting you to part with your money. Tempting offers, displays and smells become twice as compelling when you are hungry!

  • Always keep an eye on the lower shelfs, that's where the lower price items are.

  • Buy fresh produce where possible. It is often cheaper and tastes better.

  • Pre-plan your meals for the week ahead

  • Cook your own food, don't buy ready made meals

  • ALWAYS use a shopping list - and stick to it!

  • Use Coupons, Rebates, and Frequent Shopper Programs - Save hundreds of dollars a year by taking advantage of product incentives. Using coupons can shave an average of ten percent off food shopping. Sign up for your stores frequent shopper program. You will receive advanced notice of special loss leaders, double-coupon days and other money saving information.

  • Consider good quality store brands - You may like them

  • Avoid expensive highly packaged items.

  • Shop on the internet to stop impulse buying.

  • Give up carbonated (fizzy) drinks - They are bad you ( see Beverages ), provide no nutrition and are expensive.

  • Buy in bulk for items that can be stored.

  • Consider buying store brands.

  • Cookies from the Bakery are expensive - Save and have fun with the kids making them at home - Entertains and educates the kids AND gives them a yummy home-made snack to-boot!

  • Fresh Fruit and Cut Up Vegetables make great snacks and cost a lot less than packaged foods.

  • Eat less - Avoid general recreational snacking and sit down together to eat meals at regular times, your budget will benefit!

  • Watch out for those marketing Ploys - You know the ones... sweets by the check-out, end-of-isle dumb bins - all designed to get you... or your kids to impulse buy. BE STRONG!