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Money Saving Tips - Hair & Hairdressing

It is easy to develop an expensive habit with regular trips to the salon and going for the full works with all the extras each time. But you can have fabulous hair without all the fuss and expense. It is a life-style choice but you might be horrified at how much this largely unnecessary activity actually costs. Why not work out what your average weekly spend is and put it into our million dollar habit calculator to see what it is really costing you.

Hair Dresing

Every one needs to get their hair cut, it's one of those regular tasks that needs to be done to help keep our hair looking good. But that does not mean it has to cost a fortune! Here are some money saving tips to help reduce your hair dressing costs.

  • mobile hairdressers have lower overheads and are often less expensive.

  • Find a hair dresser who works from home, again they are often much cheaper than those with a salon because they have no overheads.
  • Ask your salon if it has a training night. Hairdressers-in-training often cut your hair just as well as your regular hairdresser would (they're supervised by senior staff), but for a fraction of the usual cost.

  • Try cutting your childrens hair - Get advice from books and videos in your local library. ( Recommended Book - Cutting Your Families Hair by Gloria Handel )

  • If you need a haircut check whether hairdressers in town need models.

  • Shop around for a cheaper salon

  • Go for a simpler style and reduce the number of trips to the salon

  • Choose a style that doesn't need to be styled

  • Keep your hair as short as possible. It's also much quicker and easier to dry.

  • Avoid all the other little 'extra' services for things you can do yourself and save.

  • FOR THE BRAVE - If you have a short and simple cut, you and your partner might consider cutting each others hair. Teach yourselves how to do it properly (here is a link to a good book - Cutting Your Families Hair by Gloria Handel) and save.

Hair-care Products

Hair care products can be expensive and we often use a lot of them. Here are a few money saving tips to help keep your hair care product costs contained!

  • Buy hair care product much cheaper from your local beauty supply store ( the same place the beauty parlors and Hair Salons go for their supplies)

  • AND ... Buy in bulk.

  • Look online for serious bargains