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Money Saving Tips - Air Conditioning & Heating

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can represent 16% of the total electricity, up to 60-70% in hot areas during the summer months. Here are a few key tips for decreasing your energy costs when using Air-Conditioning.

  • Use a programmable thermostat with built in timer, if you have a window unit, use a plug-in timer. Have the AC switch of when you leave and come back on about half an hour before you return home
  • Raise the Temperature slightly; every degree below 78 increases your energy consumption by 3-4%
  • Don't Use AC, this can be difficult in hot climates,but try using less.
  • Don't cool the whole house at night, how about just the bed! Here are two really cool products that will keep your AC off and you cool in bed!
  • Don't Cool Rooms you're not Using
  • Clean the filter - A dirty filter makes your AC work harder. Buy permanent filters from your local home improvement store and was clean with a hose.
  • Consider an evaporative cooler instead of Air Conditioning, it uses less electricity but does not work in areas of high humidity
  • Install a geothermal Heat-pump; They are more expensive to install but this premium can be recovered within only a few years. Heat pumps have many advantages, low maintenance, high reliability and longevity. Many City and state governments offer rebates and other incentives. One word of warning - Installation Costs can very substantially depending on the geology of the area and availability of suitable contractors.
  • Use Ceiling fans - they make the temperature feel about 10 degrees cooler, reducing your AC requirements. These fans use little energy and are not expensive
  • Insulate the attic
  • Seal windows and Doors carefully
  • Plant Shade Trees
  • Install reflective film on windows - these reflect heat away without substantially reducing the light
  • Dark Colors retain heat - Paint your house in a light color next time and save 20% on cooling costs.
  • Installing Storm windows can reduce the amount of heating or cooling through a single pane by as much as 50%
  • Reduce internally generated heat from lights and cookers. Use compact flourescent(CFL) bulbs which use 70% less energy, create 70-90% less heat and last many more times than ordinary tungsten bulbs.


  • Use a modern cheap efficient heating system
  • Heat only the parts of your home that you are using
  • Insulate and seal your home well
  • If you have ceiling fans for cooling, switch them on low to gently push warm air back down into the living space
  • Put an extra layer of clothing on
  • Switch heating off at night