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Home Cleaning Costs - Money Saving Tips

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Money Saving Tips - Home Cleaning

Cleaning is a chore that only a few really enjoy, but bringing paid help in is expensive and by getting smart it is possible to reduce the amount of work involved. Here are a few money saving tips to help reduce cleaning costs around the home.

  • Get everyone to take proper responsibility for keeping their personal spaces clean.

  • Spread the cleaning load, get the kids to help out

  • Implement a policy of clean as you go, this means that the kids must learn to clear their toys away when they are done and the adults must try to always leave the room tidy behind them. This can be hard to do for some people but even small improvements in this approach will pay big dividends in recovered time and money.

  • Consider reducing the amount of outside help you have.

  • Place mats at each entrance to help reduce dirt being carried into the house.

  • Instigate a "No Shoes" policy, this will further reduce dirt being carried into the house.

  • Reuse - Find ways of reusing items for your home cleaning tasks. For example: Cutting up old towels or 'T' shirts as cleaning cloths.

  • Use coupons and rebates to save money off your household budget.

  • Line Dry your clothes - They come out fresher and it uses less electricity

  • Spot treat stains on rugs, carpets, upholstery, and clothing ASAP. Fast attention prevents more expensive repairs or removals later on.

  • Use one pot recipes for meals - save on time and dish washing.

  • Line your grill pan with silver foil - then just throw away when done. Saves a big cleaning job.