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Money Saving Tips - Internet Broadband ( DSL )

Most Americans now connect to the internet using Broadband and the good news is that the competition for your business is hard. This means lower prices on your broadband DSL connections. Here are a few money saving tips to get your Broadband (DSL) internet access charges down even further!

  • Really look at your needs - see if you can drop down to a slightly lesser package. There is little point in paying for an "unlimited" package if you are not a heavy user or having a premium package if all you do is down-load your email and lightly surf the net.

  • Shop around for the best broadband deal and continue to keep your eyes open for new deals as the market is changing fast.

  • Don't rent the broadband ( DSL ) modem, they are cheap so renting is just throwing money away.

  • Consider combination deals where your broadband / cable TV / cell phone / phone can be packaged together in one package for extra discount.

  • Make your DSL connection really pay by using VOIP sevices to make long distant and international calls for free over the internet. Free software like Skype allows you to place internet calls from one computer to another for free. you can even make calls to other phones for a small charge.