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Money Saving Tips - Movies, Theatre & Music

The whole area of Audio Visual Entertainment is changing fast. With new ways of delivering digital products coming on the market continuously the opportunities for cost saving is great. Avoid locking yourself into any services with long term contracts - these are designed to "Lock You In" and stop you taking advantage of the next big money saving opportunity.


We all love movies but the big screen is getting increasingly expensive, here are some money saving tips for bringing the cost down.

  • Go at Off-Peak times - Some cinemas offer discount for going at unusual times when they are nearly empty
  • Bring your own snacks - They cost a fortune in the Cinema
  • Keep your eye open for special promotions and discounts
  • Wait until the movie is on DVD and watch at home - This will save money, but unless you have a big-screen home movie set-up, you will lose some of the impact of "The Big Screen".

Theatre & Concerts

Going out to the Theatre or to a "Rock-Concert" can be an enjoyable but often very expensive excersion. Here are a few money saving tips to keep the costs under control. If you are currently trying to keep your budget under control, you need to consider the financial choices you are making.

  • Look for discounted tickets from reputable ticket discounters.
  • Wait for a "Big Show" to go on-tour, tickets are often cheaper.
  • Contact Booking Office and see if there are any last minute returns - They will often sell these off cheaply
  • Avoid any seats with "restricted viewing", it's important to enjoy the show, these tickets are a false economy. Wait until you can afford the better seats.
  • If you go to concerts or the Theatre regularly, consider being a little more choosy about which shows you go to see and cut back on a few.
  • Coupons are often available for regular patrons

DVD Movies & Movie Rentals

A great alternative to actually going out to the movies, is staying in for the movie! Invite friends around, and have an enjoyable time together watching and discussing the movie at a fraction of the cost of going to the Cinema

  • Split the rental cost with friend
  • Borrow or swap with friends
  • If you have broadband, you can use online movie download services
  • There are some low cost mail rental services
  • Check out your Local Library, increasingly they stock children, family and hit movie titles
  • Buy at your local thrift store - And then sell them on eBay!


Nowhere have things been changing more rapidly than in the music industry, with a rapid transition to digital music and a ground-swell of mp3 usage, the industry has been desperately fighting off the rise of free digital music. From a consumers point of view, things have never been better with the easy availability of low cost digital music rapidly increasing.

  • Many stores offer buyer programs which reward loyal customers with discounts
  • Buy Online for big savings
  • Download the music rather than buy the CD, these are still relatively expensive.
  • Download digital music for low cost or free - Several sites on the internet now offer downloadable music.
  • Look in Yard Sales, Thrift Stores etc if you are still into CDs or even Vinyl (remember that?)
  • Search auction sites like eBay for what you want
  • Swap or borrow from friend

Digital Games

If you are a parent, you will know about our childrens obsession with playstation and XBox games. They are fun and they are addicitive. It is important to restrict the amount of time a child (or adult) spends infront of these games. Failure to do this will result in a disruptive and alienated child. Another thing is that these games are outrageously expensive! Here are a few money saving tips to keep the costs down.

  • Avoid Buying New if you can
  • Buy Second Hand from specialist stores and on the internet
  • Swap and Borrow from friends
  • Rent it first - Sometimes they are just not good enough to buy
  • Shop around for the best deal