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Money Saving Tips - Eye Care & Optician Costs

Many people have to wear eye glasses or contact lenses and the ongoing expense can be quite high. However there are many ways in which these cost can be kept to a minimum. Here are some money saving tips to help you reduce your eye care expenses.

Eye Care Costs

  • Don't assume that the national chains are the cheapest - Shop around for the best deal

  • Buy cheap glasses on the internet. You can make great savings. When you get your eyes checked, make sure you get details of the type of lenses you need.optical4less ,EyeGlassDirect,Zenni Optical,Goggle4U,39DollarGlasses

  • If you wear contacts, avoid daily disposable lenses if you can. - They are a much more expensive option than longer wearing options.

  • Use saline instead of eye drops - moistening eye drops are far more expensive than saline and they achieve the same result.

  • If you wear contacts, consider giving them up. Glasses are a cheaper option.

  • Open a health savings account(HSA) - pay for your eye care expenses with pre-tax dollars. - seek financial advice before selecting the best kind of HSA for you.

Maintain Good Eye Health

Whether you need to wear glasses or not, it is important to maintain good eye health to prevent eye conditions developing in the first place or to prevent existing conditions getting worse.

  • Do not read in poor light and stop if your eyes begin to strain.

  • After 30-40 minutes of 'near-work' , that's things like reading,painting,drawing,craft work and working on the computer, give your vision a break of about 3-5 minutes. Try to vary your focus, look out of the window etc.

  • If you work on computers, your eyes should maintain a distance of about 50cm from the screen. Adjust the monitor to reduce reflective glare. Ensure adequate lighting

  • When reading your eyes should be about 30cm away from the book.

  • When watching TV, sit at least 2 meters away, with the room light on and the TV positioned below or at eye-level.

  • If you notice ANY vision problems - get it checked out immediatly by an optometrist or optician.

  • Maintain a good balanced diet and take a regular supplement.

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Exercise regularly