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Pet Animal Costs - Money Saving Tips

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Money Saving Tips - Pet Animal Costs

The costs of owning a pet are growing rapidly, U.S. consumers spent over $36.3 billion in 2005. However when examined closely the figures reveal that the cost of basics has hardly risen at all, but rather consumers are being offerred more ways in which to spend money on their pets. This is one area where savings on unnecessary expenditure can be substantial.

Pet Care

It is important to take the time BEFORE you own a pet to understand what it's needs are. Buy a book and take a little time to assess it's suitability to your home environment. Too many people buy pets on an emotional impulse without knowing that they are taking on a HUGE long-term commitment. Making a poor decision will at the worse prove financially and emotionally upsetting for you; for the animal - it is devastating.

Proper care for a pet can also reduce bills considerably, providing a healthy suitable diet, plenty of exercise,love and the occasional check-up at the vet is all that most domestic animals need to live happy fulfilled lives.

  • Always provide your pet with an appropriate diet

  • NEVER give your pets sweets, anything sugary or any other unsuitable human foods - You can seriously damage your animals health. Dogs & Cats for example, never have sweets in their natural diet, it WILL destroy their teeth and you may end up with massive vetinary and dental bills

  • A dog on a proper diet and given the opportunity to regularly chew bones, should not need regular dental care

  • Always provide your pet with plenty of time and opportunity to exercise fully - Many larger pets like dogs need to be able to RUN freely

  • There should be an area where your pet can go to relieve itself without anxiety

  • Your pet should be provided with it's own personal space - a place to sleep and feel secure in.

  • If you have children - Understand and manage the risks of mixing children with animals.

  • ALWAYS have drinking water accessibe for your pet

  • Keep all necesary vacinations up-to-date

  • Consider 'spaying' or 'neutering' your pet - They have less health problems down the road. Personally I have always felt that female animals should have at least one litter before being 'spayed'.

  • Pets like cats & dogs need lots of love, attention & care, if this is given they will reward you with unswerving loyalty and affection. (Well Cats like to pick their moments!)

Pet Costs

AS mentioned earlier, pet costs have not risen far, but spending on pets has jumped dramatically. By applying common sense and not getting overly sentimental with pets, your dog gets to be a dog and you save a fortune on Gucci collars.

  • Handle your pets needs yourself - and it is important that you do so if you want to have a proper relationship with your pet. Often the following jobs are delegated away when they should properly be done by the owner, normally at great expense.
    • Washing - Can be hilareous!
    • Brushing & Grooming - do regularly
    • Feeding - It'll be your friend for life!
    • Exercising if necessary - Dogs in particular need regular exercise - and who knows? You might benefit too!
    • Learn how to do the specialized things your animal needs like nail clipping and ear cleaning
    If you are unable or unwilling to do these jobs for your pet - You must question why you have one. It may be kinder to your animal and to yourself to find a new home for your pet.

  • One visit per annum for a checkup to the vet should be all that is necessary.

  • Shop around for a veterinarian by comparing fees and taking recommendations.

  • When tempted by the 'latest' pet accessory, ask yourself if YOU really need it. Most times it is a fashion whim and a waste of money. Say NO when it comes to fashion and your pets.

  • Shop around for your pets supplies - look online too.

  • Buy in bulk for big savings if you have the space.

  • Buy quality food, it is important for your pets health - cheap foods often contain fillers that can lead to hyperactivity.

  • Avoid dogs that need regular clipping or specialized grooming - they are expensive.