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Money Saving Tips - Snacks & Meals

Snacks and the little meals we have out at work or when shopping with the kids are a surprising budget killer. It is amazing how it can all add up to thousands of dollars wasted each year. This is one of those areas where an expenditure diary can be a real eye opener.

Snacks, Speciality Coffees, Lunches ALL have the potential to be "Million Dollar Habits", especially for families - work out what you spend per week and enter it into our calculator to find out!

Here are a few money saving tips to help reduce your everyday snack and meal expenses.

  • Instead of buying sandwiches or eating out for lunch at work - bring in your own sandwiches and snacks

  • Buy ingredients for home-made lunches & snacks in bulk

  • Drink water instead of Coffee and Soft Drinks - Get you kids in the habit too - See Beverages

  • Instead of eating out with the kids, go for a pic-nic - the kids will love it and it will save money big-time

  • On day-trips, bring your own snacks and meals - Save yourself hassle, queueing and money

  • Cookies from the Bakery are expensive - Save and have fun with the kids making them at home - Entertains and educates the kids AND gives them a yummy home-made snack to-boot!

  • Fresh Fruit and Cut Up Vegetables make great snacks and cost a lot less than packaged foods.

  • Reduce the amount of Sweets & Candy you and your familly consume - The sugar can cause children to become hyper-active and difficult, contributes to obesity and can increase your families dental costs