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Money Saving Tips - Toys

Everyone wants to give their children everything they need. But children DO NOT NEED masses of new toys. A childs WANTS are many, but his or her NEEDS are few, plenty of love, attention and care is the greatest gift of all. By keeping gift expectations modest from an early age, children learn to appreciate the toys they do have more and the money saved can be used towards other family things.

As a parent you will quickly realize how quickly kids abandon their 'must have' fashion toys and often spend hours playing with that cheap and simple toy. Learn to say 'no' to your kids and balance the needs of your budget against their demands, which if unchecked can be limitless! They are looking for the boundary, so keep it within budget! It is also worth considering that every dollar wasted on a short-term toy now, is a dollar less that could go into their education fund (You have an education fund, right?) or provide them with a much needed lump sum when they first set out.

With older children it is important that they understand about budgeting and managing money, so involve them in the budgetry discussions and they will be more understanding when you have to say no.

Here are some Money Saving Tips for your childrens toys -

  • Remember children under 2 often prefer the box! - Expensive toys at this age are a waste of money - keep it really simple

  • Buy good condition nearly new or new and unused goods from friends or from eBay.

  • Electronic Games are expensive new but often cheap secondhand - Check out prices on eBay

  • Make your own for the young ones.

  • Always check out the internet and other stores to get the best deal