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Money Saving Tips - Utilities

Energy costs often represent a substantial part of domestic expenses. A home energy audit can help identify ways of saving hundreds of dollars a year. Your gas or electricity utility may offer this service for free or be able to point you to a qualified proffessional. Heating and cooling costs represent a large proportion of energy costs and are dealt with here under Reduce Air Conditioning And Heating Costs.


Electricity bills just seem to go up and up. Here is a great little device that has proved very popular with all who have tried it, it's called a "Kill A Watt", it is a small device that you just plug in and it measures your power consumption. A real eye opener. Read Kill-A-Watt Reviews here.

  • Use Efficient Lighting - Replace incandescent bulbs with compact flourescents(CFLs). They us four times less energy and last eight times longer. Flourescent tubes are even more efficient.
  • Buy Efficient Appliances - They use 10 times less electricity, saving lots of energy and money.
  • Switch electrical Items off - Leaving them on - even in standby mode consumes electricity
  • Use a water-saving shower head - This reduces tha amount of hot-water needed
  • Avoid Electric Space heating - it is very inefficient and expensive.
  • Enrolling in load management programs and off-hour rate programs could reduce your electricity costs. Contact your utility for details.

Propane Gas & Heating Oil

  • Use a modern efficient furnace
  • Check your furnace before winter, this is important to ensure efficient running and safety.
  • Implement heat saving strategies outlined in "Reducing Heating Bills
  • Buy oil or propane in the summer when demand is less and the price at it's lowest
  • Many States and counties have programs< that will help pay for winter heating fuel./li>


  • Review your phone bill regularly, check that you have the best package for your call pattern.

  • Make sure you don't have any optional calling features or additional services that you don't need, cancel them if you do.

  • If you don't make many toll or long distant calls, avoid calling plans with monthly fees or minimums. Consider disconnecting the service altogether and use dial around services.

  • Dial Long distance calls directly, using the operator can add substantially to the cost of the call

  • Save money on information calls, look the number up on the internet or in a directory for free

  • If you have broadband, make long distance and international calls for free using free software like Skype.