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Facing Your Fears around Money

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Facing & Overcoming Your Fears around Money

To some extent or other we all have some fears around money. Money fears are a very serious block to financial freedom and need to be overcome if finacial success is to be achieved.

Money fears need to be dealt with immediatly, challenged and confronted, they just love to be ignored so that they can fester and grow in the sub-conscious. Unfortunately people often surpress their anxieties about money and the result is that these 'little' anxieties grow into full grown fears. Fear loves secrecy, it grows and prospers in the dark, magnifying and spreading insiduously through your life until there is nothing it will not touch. Fear though, is DESTROYED when it is brought out into the light, it's power and influence is disipated.

Do not hold fear inside, it will grow irrationally and disproportionately to reality - voice you fears, let them out, examine them, discuss them, share your fears with a partner or friend. If you are unable to open up to those close to you, consider using a "Cognitive Behavioural Therapist" to talk things through with. Such a person is trained to help you confront your fears and challenge negative beliefs.

What are Your Fears

Most of us have fears around money - what are yours? This is an important question that need an answer. Behind all those anxieties about money, all those excuses for not being able to, or have enough time for - dealing with your money, all those procrastinations - are strong indicators that at some level FEAR is impeading your Financial success. Take a few moments to explore your emotions when you think about your finances, can you identify the fear?

Most fears develop from a very basic set that normally involve one or more of the following

  • Fear of Poverty
  • Fears around Safety
  • Fear for the Lack or Loss of Love
  • Fear of Criticism

What is the Source of Your Fear

Most deep-rooted fears develop from and belifs we developed as children. Sometimes these beliefs are simply born from the misunderstandings of a young child, othertimes they may be based on strategies that worked as a child, but are no longer effective for an adult. Sadly, sometimes these negative self-beliefs and fears emerge from a childhood scarred with trauma or abuse.

Look back into your past - can you see any patterns, beliefs or behaviours that might have influenced you? Can you see any connections? Things that might have led you to your current beliefs and fears.

Facing Your Fears

Discovering the roots of your fears in the past is the key to resolving them. Finding the link brings the fear out of the dark and into the light where it can be seen for what it is, a product of the past that can be challenged and released from your life.

It is your duty to yourself and to your life to find the courage to confront your fears. Failure to do so will mean that your life will be forever scarred by it's infuence and you will remain it's victim.

Part of the problem with dealing with such deep rooted issues, is that so many other beliefs and patterns have been built with the negative belief as a premise that when you change it, all the mental pattens and beliefs built that premise - collapse with it. The subconscious is often fearful of taking such a big step and resists the process.

When the shift does come - it can be described as a profound 'Change of Mind', which is of course, what it is. It is like a switch being 'thrown' in your mind. It often happens out of the blue and almost instantly, the fallout however can leave you mentally disorientated while you work through the process of reconstructing your belief system on the new premise.

If I could flip that switch for you - I would. But this is a journey that you must undertake yourself. Remember, seek help if you need it.

Using Positive Thinking Techniques

Facing down your fears is rarely an instantaneous fix, it often takes regular concentrated effort to recognize, confront and challenge your fears when they emerge. Never tolerate it, no matter how small it may seem - remember fear loves to be ignored - it is fuel to the flame.

A very powerful metaphysical technique is the use of positive thinking and afirmations. Positive thinking is the process of continually challenging any negative thoughts and turning them into positive self nurturing ones. The idea is a simple and very effective one, but belies the difficulty many people face maintaining the level of consciousness and energy needed to be consistant.

Positive Affirmations are brief positive messages to yourself. These messages are usually

  • Positive
  • Short and memorable
  • Personal and Present Tense

An example might be - "I confidently deal with all my financial affairs"

The statement can be about whatever it is you want to achieve.Repeat the statement regularly, believe it, write it down in places where you will continually see it, repeat it to yourself regularly - say it to yourself looking in the mirror.

This powerful techniques is designed to help you re-train your thinking and behaviours. It is effectively self brain training! - The important thing to remember is... it works. For more information visit this affirmation site - Positive Affirmations and Positive Thinking