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Million Dollar Spending Habit?

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A Million Dollar Spending Habit

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Bad Spending Habits can easily become a million dollar spending habit. Stop wasting money on things you don't need or want, break the habit and start putting money towards what you really want, achieving your dreams. When you do this something magical happens, you find yourself on the right side of the money machine and cannot help but attract more. It is the fundamental Law Of Attraction.

Making a million and becoming a millionaire is only a matter of time if you can break your million dollar habit. If you have a million dollar habit, you are simply throwing away your million without even realizing it! Often all it it takes is a 'change of mind' an absolute decision to break the patterns of the past and embrace a new future. A simple change in perspective can bring huge financial rewards.

Financial Freedom is something everyone wants and if you can afford a million dollar habit, then you can afford to be very wealthy indeed or become a millionaire. Your already have sufficient income to achieve it! You would expect only the rich and well-off to have this kind of spending habit, but it cuts accross all income brackets. For many, their reckless spending is impoverishing them when in fact they could be well on their way to making a million or living the millionaire lifestyle.

If you desire money to start living and achieving your dreams then there are only two questions you need to ask - Do I have a million dollar spending habit and am I prepared to give it up? Whether you choose to give up a bad habit or not is YOUR choice, however, you can use our unique Million Dollar Habit Calculator to work out what its really costing you and if it is a Million Dollar Habit. Even if it isn't a million, the amount is likely to shock you!

Million Dollar Habit Calculator

One of the key secrets of money is that little amounts matter. Even the smallesr amount of money, given enough time and the magic of compound interest will grow into a million dollars. Regular small amounts of money can grow into a very large pot of money.

Scrimping and Saving every penny is not the answer, smart spending is. Smart Spending is where you only spend money on things that take you forwards towards your life goals. Money spent on things you don't need or really want, that does not in some way advance you in mind,body or spirit is simply wasted money. Throwing money away like this, drains money away from achieving your dreams and leaves you financially diminished.

Identifying Bad Spending Habits

Even small habits can add up to a million dollar spending habit, so when you look at your expenditures, remember to add up all those little daily habits. Bad spending habits are something we all have to a lesser or greater degree. We are all exposed to high levels of advertising and social pressuress that are very difficult to resist. Spending can quickly become habitual and when it does it almost disappears off the map of consciousness.

Spending diaries are a great way of checking out what you really spend in a day. Simply carry a notebook around with you every day for a normal working week noting down every cent of expenditure. At the end of the week you may be shocked at what you spend or could be saving.

Uncover spending habits by examining honestly what you spend your money on and determine if this expenditure is really enhancing your life. You need to prioritize spending and eliminate wasteful spending habits in favor of saving money for what you really want.

Big Spending Habits

Big spending habits are nearly always million dollar spending habits. They are often associated with other emotional issues or fears that may need to be tackled. These include habits like:


Smoking not only seriously ruins your health but seriously damages your financial health also. The financial cost of smoking is very high and when additional medical costs are taken into account, potentially devastating. Make a positive health choice to give up smoking and put the money toward the things you really want in life. Consider the "Stop Smoking in One Hour" program.


Alcoholic drinks are expensive and their effect is to make you ineffective. If you choose to reduce or give up your drinking habit, you could put the money towards a happier and wealthier life. See - Natural Cure for Alcohol Addiction

Drugs & Other illegal Substances

Drugs are used by people who are unable to face the reality of their lives and use them to esacape. Just don't go there or give it up. It will destroy your finances as surely as it will destroy your life. See - Addiction Free Forever Program


If you gamble your money, you are not respecting money and you can be certain of only one thing. You will lose it.

Shopaholic or Excessive Shopping

You cannot fill an emotional hole in your life with things no matter how much you buy. If you believe you are a compulsive shopper look for your answers inside and seek to heal the emotional problems behind you shopping habit.

Other Obsessive Behaviors

The basis is the same as for shopaholics but manifests itself in other expensive ways such as hording, collecting etc.

So, do you have a million dollar habit? Maybe that habit is only costing you $100,000, or only $10,000. But I bet if you thought about it there would be plenty of things you would RATHER have done with that money.

I wonder how many people, would give up a habit that they probably would never miss if they knew that their financial freedom was at stake. Life and money share many characteristics. Just like money, making small life choices can have a massive effect on life outcomes!

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