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Secrets Of Wealth

12 Principles Of Wealth Creation

Outlined below are the key principles of Wealth, the practical skills and attitudes that must be adopted to achieve great wealth. Most of these requirements are not difficult and are within the grasp of ANYONE who strongly DESIRES wealth or who wants to achieve any other worthy cause.

The principles below have been thoughly researched and are loosely based on those presented in "Think and Grow Rich" - one of the most inspirational and respected books on wealth creation - ever. You can download your copy here.


Without desire, there is no drive or momentum to propel someone forward through any difficulties to success. Desire is truly the very foundation of success. The more powerful the desire the more likely that desire will manifest to a successful conclusion.


There can be no room for doubt, there must be total belief in self and the process that is being undertaken. Doubts undermine success by creating FEARS that block the ability to move forward. Faith removes all limitations. Impossible is not a word that someone with faith will recognise - everything is possible!

Positive Self-Talk & Affirmations

Use the powerful metaphysical technique of positive affirmations to maintain a positive outlook. It is a method by which you can voluntarly feed the subconscious mind with positive and creative thoughts. Modern research has verified the power of this technique in creating a positive outlook that translated into positive outcomes.

Specialized Knowledge

"Knowledge is Power" is a mantra believed by many, but the reality is that knowledge is just POTENTIAL power. It only becomes power when and if it is organised into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.

For the aquisition of wealth, You do not have to possess knowledge. Where specialised knowledge is required, you may either aquire it yourself or it can be purchased. It is important to know how and where to aquire knowledge but equally important that the knowledge itself must be organized and used directly towards some worthy end, if it is to have any value.

Do not let a lack of knowledge or schooling stop you, some of the most successful and wealthy entrepreneurs have had barely ANY education. You can aquire what you need to achieve your goals.


Man has been gifted with the wonderful power of imagination, from which pours the dreams and aspirations that we seek. Imagination is the power that allows us to see past what is, to what could be. It creates our dreams and drives our desires, it is our creative powerhouse. If we choose to use it that is.

Strong desire stimulates imagination and creative solutions. Disinterest kills it. Regular use of imagination empowers and strengthens the ability to create possibilities. Take every opportunity to use your imagination to be creative, to "think outside the box" of your exisiting beliefs and knowledge of the world.

Imagination is the power that transforms intangible thoughts and desires into practical plans, it uses the power of your mind and imagination to create possibilities, solutions and plans that will advance you towards your goals.


The most intelligent man living cannot succeed in accumulating wealth, or any other endeavour for that matter, without plans that are practical and workable. It is important to bring as many minds as possible to the creation of your plans and to keep building and re-building plans until the plan is faultless.

Your achievement can be no better than your plans are sound, so it is important that they are as good as they can be.


One of the biggest causes of failure is indecisiveness. Procrastination is the common enemy that everyone must conquer. Successful people reach their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. People who fail to achieve wealth usually have the habit of reaching decisions slowly, if at all and changing their minds quickly and often.

It is important to develop the habit of reaching YOUR OWN DECISIONS , without the influence of others, in reaching YOUR GOALS. Reaching quick and firm decisions like this can often be difficult and requires COURAGE.

Those who make decisions promptly and definitly, know what they want, and generally get it.


No man is ever beaten, until he quits - in his own mind. The combination of will-power and persistence make an irresistible force. It puts the back-bone into desire and gives the power to continue in the face of set-back and failure, to get back up, make a new plan and step forward again. Persistence pays and is a characteristic of the successful.

Positive Alliances

Surround yourself with creative positive people who can advance your plans. Your exact relationship to these people is not important. What is important is that they are able to contribute to your plans and that the relationships are harmonious. Such an alliance of minds provides obvious economic benefits, but at a spiritual level the creative synergy of the group connection provides a very powerful and creative energy that can drive a project forward and surmount obstacles that a man on his own could not.

Focussing Energy

This includes the concept of "Sexual transmutation", the process of channeling sexual energy into the creative faculty. The desire for sexual expression is by far the strongest human emotion and for this reason this desire, when harnessed and transmuted into action (other than physical expression) may raise one to the status of genius.

However it is often the case that below the age of 40 this energy is not harnessed and results in a dissipation of energy. Use sexual energy and harness it, apply it into the wealth creation process to achieve staggering results.

The Mind and the Subconscious

The subconscious mind is always at work. It is the root of our desires, thoughts and ultimately actions. It is the part of us that has the strongest spiritual connection to the universe around us. It holds the beliefs and thought patterns that make us who we are.

The previous actions of desire and positive self-talk are designed to act upon the subconscious in a positive way to allow your subconscious energy to focus on the task with positive energy.

In reality, our subconscious carries many patterns learned and absorbed as children. These deep-rooted patterns form the foundation of our beliefs about ourselves and have a powerful influence on how we react to events in adulthood. Some of these behaviours may be positive others may be negative, effectively sabotaging every effort we make to advance ourselves. Invariably, these negative beliefs are based in FEAR and must be overcome to achieve great success. See Facing Fears.

Intuition - Spiritual Awakening

At the very pinnacle of the twelve principles of wealth creation comes 'intuition' our 6th sense. By applying all the previous principles, by freeing yourself of fear or doubt you awaken the most powerful force of all - Your spiritual connection to the universe. It is this spiritual connection to the universe around us from which inspiration, ideas, even warnings flow that keep us atuned to the world around us and allow us to act and respond - intuitively.

We live in an ocean of infinite possibilities, everything is possible. Research in quantum physics is now finding common ground with spirituality with the concept that at a fundamental level - we are all connected, that our thoughts are creative and powerful. People who can harness this spiritual energy and bring it to bear on their advancement will find that the universe responds and brings them what they desire.