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The Home Mortgage

Home Mortgage & Refinancing Home Mortgage Secrets Buying a house is perhaps the biggest financial transaction most of us will have to make in our lives. Very few of us have the resources to buy a house and get on the housing ladder without the need for a mortgage.

It is important to ensure that your mortgage is WORKING FOR YOU and that you do not end up living and working for your mortgage. It has the potential to help create a wonderful home, create wealth and provide a substantial financial asset. But equally, if you get it badly wrong it can turn your life into misery, a financial millstone around your neck. It therefore pays to get it right!

This part of the site explores all the major issues around Home Mortgages and Home Equity Loans.

Affording Your First Mortgage  

How to Afford Your First Mortgage

One of the biggest problems faced by young people today is how to afford a home. With the recent large increases in property values it can seem like an impossible dream. If you are starting out or even if you are looking at ways of reducing your mortgage costs, this section provides an insight on what needs to be done to afford a home of your own.  > Yes! Tell me more
Choose The Best Mortgage for You  

Choose The Best Mortgage For YOU

There are many different types of mortgage and the suitability of each depends on your own circumstances and what your life goals are. Explore the things you need to consider and weigh up when trying to reach a decision on which is the best mortgage for you. You want to choose the best mortgage and make sure that your mortgage is WORKING FOR YOU and not the other way around!  debt Choosing the Best Mortgage
Calculate How Much Your Mortgage Will Cost  

Calculate Your Mortgage Costs

You already know your home mortgage is likely to be one of the largest personal financial deals you will ever make. Work out just how much you will have to pay on your mortgage and how much your mortgage will cost you using our Mortgage Calculator.  mortgage calculate Calculate Mortgage Cost
Bad Mortgage Mistakes  

Common Mortgage Mistakes

Every year people end up in financial difficulty because of bad decisions made about their mortgage. This section deals with the most common mortgage mistakes people make and how to avoid them in the future.  Mortgage Mistakes Common Mortgage Mistakes
Mortgage Traps & Tricks of the Trade  

Mortgage Traps & Tricks of the Trade

Try out our unique financial calculators. Use them to help you decide on the best deals or to explore what things are really costing you.
 Mortgage Tricks & Traps Mortgage Traps & Tricks of the Trade

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